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Welcome to Sweet Louize!

Kelsey here! Along with so much help from my handsome husband, Robert, we run and operate this boutique.

I started Sweet Louize making custom onesies in my basement trying to earn a little extra cash to help put my husband through graduate school. I was at a loss as a new stay at home mom of two boys, who are only 13 months apart. Life was wild, and honestly really hard! I had to leave a full time job I loved as a Cosmetology Instructor after my second son was born. We couldn't afford to have two babies in daycare.

Overnight I went from being the main source of income, to feeling like I wasn't contributing at all. My husband was working full time all day to provide for us and then coming home and doing school all night. Most nights (or mornings) crawling into bed as I was crawling out to the sound of our boys waking up for the day. He always had a smile on his face and never complained. I felt that if he could work that hard for us, I could too, and I started researching small business ideas!

We needed $500 to start, and while we had some money in savings (thanks Dave Ramsey!) we didn't feel comfortable taking money from our small safety net. I buckled down and trimmed a little off our grocery budget and then sold a bunch of home decor and old clothes. Robert worked every weekend doing concrete curbing and after a few weeks we had the money and were up and running!

We wanted this business to be debt free, but we also didn't have any money to invest in it. Quitting wasn't an option so I took one order at a time and that order would help pay for the supplies I would need for the next one. We were small and very humble! With a lot of help from God, it caught momentum and has grown into something I couldn't have even dreamed about in those beginning days.

Our life looks a little different now. Robert graduated on the Deans List from graduate school and now manages a local pharmacy. We bought a home added another little boy to our family in 2018. After a few wild events we felt called on a new adventure and are currently on a journey to adopt a child and are so excited to grow our family through adoption! We love being parents and love being with our kids! 

We hope this website provides you with not only some cute clothing and hair accessories, but also brings a little joy or a little hope! We continue to work hard and grow daily. We've experienced the best times and some dang hard ones too, but God has always provided a way for us. We hope that in sharing our journey, trials, and triumphs it helps inspire you to take the chance and make your dreams come true too.





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